Refer A Friend

If you or a friend have taken a Foodsafe course with A1 Foodsafe and you liked what you experienced, please do tell your colleagues, friends and company about us and about your success.

There is no greater complement for us than to be recommended by one of our past student who have gone through the course. 

Because we value your referrals, we reward you with a special rebate coupon/gift certificate for every referral which turns into a course registration with A1 Foodsafe. 

Foodsafe BC’s BEST Priced Training Certification in 1 day!

Simply ask the person to put your name in the “Order Box” when signing up for the course online. We track our referrals and send you a thank you with your gift.

Alternatively, if you would like us to contact your friend and speak to them about the course, please fill in our Contact Form and send us your friends name and contact number or email and we will reach out to them. On successful course registration, you will receive a thank you from us with your gift.

We are honoured that you chose A1 Foodsafe to be a part of your success!

Vince + Sara